Perfected with tropical aging!

Each or our rums are made in small batches, that is to say only 900 to 1000 Liters at a time...That's right only about 1,200 bottles at a time...


Cannes Royale is aged in Grenada in charred White Oak casks, The tropical climate accelerate the 'aging' and mellowing process for spirits and you will find that spirits aged in the tropics tend to advance in flavor complexities much faster than in temperate climates zones.  

Cannes Royale Rum
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 Cannes Brûlées Rum 

Artisanal, Small Batch

Grenadian Rum

 A look at craft production...

At the Eastern Caribbean Rum Company, we make our rums in small batches of 1000 liters or less.  While there maybe slight variations from  batch to batch, what's consistent is the quality and care that we put into making them.  It is critical to consider that every cask of rum varies as do the  other natural ingredients we use in our rums --natural variations not industrial standardisation. the same as with vintages of fine wine.